Why buy a Kwikset Smartcode Touchpad Keyless Entry Deadbolt?

The Kwikset 910 CNT ZW (Z-Wave) is a door lock that can be integrated into your existing home automation network. I recently took the opportunity to own one of these deadbolts and integrated it into my Vera controlled network.  It was a rough start, but so far it's looking like a good investment.

Installing the Kwikset 910 was as easy as any other door lock.  You only need a few tools to secure the deadbolt in place of any existing lock. Throw in a four AA batteries and you can easily set up to 2 different user access codes that can be used to unlock the door. At this point, you have a nice but expensive keypad entry system at your house.
Of course, the real magic of this device happens when you set it up with your home automation controller.  This is where I struggled. With the Vera z-wave controller, you can usually hit a button on the dongle and the new device and complete the pairing process.  With this Kwikset wireless deadbolt, you need to take a different approach.  
A big plus to the Kwikset Smartcode deadbolt is that it also features their Smartkey technology. This allows you to easily re-key the lock to work with your existing Kwikset keys.
Once the Kwikset 910 deadbolt was properly configured, it was easy to see the improvement it made in our daily lives.  Having a few children, its great to not worry about fumbling for keys to lock or unlock your house.  There is one simple button to press to lock the deadbolt and a 4-8 digit code to unlock it.  This lock has really simplified this mundane part of our family life.
As I mentioned before, this device wasn't  as easy to configure as most other Z-Wave devices.  The Vera unit needed to be configured to pair in a "full power" mode and be located a few feet away from the lock. I will update this post soon to include the resources that Mi Casa Verde tech support offered for pairing this lock.