Little Light Field images form Lytro

Lytro is a California-based technology company claiming to produce the worlds first Light Field Camera.  

The first run of Lytro handheld light field cameras come in 8GB/16GB models and Red, Blue, or Graphite colors. Read on to find out how they fair for the average consumer.

When we ordered ours it came with free engraving, how could I pass that up? I also found a coupon code for the Lytro which saved us 15%. I think it was BARFLYSFEXTRA that I used.

I purchased the Lytro after listening to a podcast on how scientists are using Light Field cameras to model the connectomes of worms. While not a scientist, I figured it would be an illuminating experience for my family and I.


Overall, this has been a novel experience, but hardly worth the ~$160 we paid. The viewfinder is small and the form factor makes it inconvient to carry around or hold. The tripod mount was a nice after-thought, but not very convenient to use. Also, no Android app? Seriously, fix that.