Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover is out of this world

Wow.  If you have a child who enjoys playing with Imaginext figures, you should seriously consider investing in the Supernova Battle Rover.  While a little pricey, this vehicle really delivers.


Imaginext is Fisher-Price's line of 3" plastic figures designed for kids ages 3 and older. The Supernova Battle Rover or "Space Rover" as we usually call it, is in the Imaginext line of space play-sets and vehicles.


As advertised on the packaging, the Battle Rover is ready to play when you roll it out of the box.  The only bagged, unattached items, are optional weapons, figures, or disks for the space shuttle.




This thing is amazing. When we gave it to our 5-year-old for his birthday, there were 5 other kids gathered around it - all having fun with different mechanics of the toy.  Some were operating the space lift, others were flying the shuttle or maneuvering the rover.  We counted at least 21 positions to setup the Imaginext guys in (seats, places to stand, cockpits, etc). Its a city on wheels and easily allows several kids to play at anytime.


The Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover does require 4 AA's for itself then another 3 AA's for the included space shuttle.  We haven't heard all 200+ sounds that the toys make, but we have observed some of the interactions between the space rover and the shuttle.  Pressing specific buttons at different times as prompted by the rover allow your shuttle to do missions.  The trap door for the prisoners is excellent, too.


Well I have only had good things to say about this toy because it has really just been a pleasure to have in the house. It was expensive, online for $90, but it is easily the best toy a kid can get for a birthday (or Christmas).  I do with there were volume control switches on the shuttle and rover, but that won't stop me from giving the Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover the highest marks.  10/10.