Columbia Coretek WP Hiking Boots

If you’re looking to take prolonged hiking trips I would not recommend the Columbia Coretek WP hiking boots, for one reason, they are not water proof. Now that being said these boots are a quality boot. They are comfortable, averaging 15 miles a day my feet held up just fine. No blisters.  The padding and grips on the underside of the boots made hiking up high summits easier on the mind, not having to worry about slipping.

If you’re a day hiker or just looking for a good overnight camping boot then the Columbia Coretek WP might be the boot for you.  They offer enough comfort, being light weight, and a sturdy boot but they are not water proof. Simple condensation in the morning would transfer from ferns and grass and would penetrate the boot. Any amount of rainfall your feet will get soaked and the boots take at least a full day to dry out. The Columbia Coretek WP boots claim to be “semi” water proof but I noticed no water proofing at all.

They are a tough and sturdy boot. They have all the features one would expect in a hiking boot except the water proofing. I would recommend a product by The North Face if your looking for the same features as the Columbia Coretek WP only featuring superior water proofing.