Jack's Redemption

This situation is currently in the process of being repaired.  A representative of Jacks Wholesale Warehouse has visited the house and helped restore my confidence in their business.  Check out this post to read about the resolution.

Jacks Wholesale Windows Review Continued - I see a big difference, my new windows are dirty and crooked

Buyers remorse barely touches what I'm feeling now.  I am filled with deep regret over my purchase through Jacks Wholesale Windows.  In my initial review of Jacks Wholesale Windows  service, I gave them the benefit of the doubt in that I was optimistic that they could redeem themselves.  Boy was I wrong. 


February 24, 2010 (recap)

At about 1pm, Jacks Wholesale Windows install team finally comes out to install my windows.  Not the 2-3 weeks as quoted by the salesman, but 6 weeks from the time of sale.  I'm told that the Product Manager will contact me tomorrow.  My salesman is no longer with JWW.


February 25, 2010

No call from Product Manage as instructed by customer service representatives.  I call at 5:30pm right after I leave the office, apparently he is gone for the day and nobody there can assist me.  I'm told again that I should be contacted by the Product Manager tomorrow.


February 26, 2010 - 9:30am

At 9:30am, I receive a call from the JWW Product Manager.  He explains that the salesman who sold me the windows no longer works there (for making bogus claims and misrepresenting JWW) and that he was willing to adjust the sale price of the window installation.  He offered a $150 discount or approximately 8% of the overall sale.  This covered my day off for the first missed installation so I was content.  We scheduled a new date for install with a new team of installers.


March 1, 2010

About an hour before the scheduled time (didn't bother me any), the second install team knocks on the door.  They confidently begin installation of the two new windows.  After a few hours, it apparently became necessary to use a reciprocating saw to trim away at the flashing that they eventually just removed anyway.  In doing so, they knocked off a crystal candle holder from a shelf several feet away from the window bay.  Whatever, maybe it was my fault for not securing those items before the install.  What really got me was that the windows were installed dirty.  For a company with a tag line like "you're going to see a big difference", wouldn't you think that they would want to install clean windows?  Still no biggie I thought, I'll just clean them myself.


It was later that evening that I really started noticing some problems.  The windows are crooked.  Not that they were mounted crooked or that the frame seemed crooked.  The windows themselves appear to be made crooked.  There is a 1 cm variation from the top of the window to the bottom.  This is simply unacceptable.  They don't even lock well.  Both sets of windows have varying deformations.  One of the windows is so crooked that the night-stop billed as a "security feature" doesn't even open up to provide said security.  Fail!

 The install checklist they provided me had me visually inspect the screens for tears defects.  I didn't even notice at the time that the screens are about an 1/8th of an inch to narrow to block all unwanted insects from entering my abode.

Why did I buy windows from Jacks Wholesale Windows?!

Well, lets see how the next step goes...


UPDATE - 3/3/10

Nope, it gets worse -  Jacks installed trapezoidal windows.