Would you buy a $400 pair of Columbia Omni-Heat electric boots?

Ok, you may have seen our review for the Columbia Coretek WP Hiking Boots, but what about those Omni-Heat electric boots??  I must say, paying $350 to $450 dollars gets me pretty warm just thinking about it, do we really need a USB charged battery pack for a few extra degrees?
Don't get me wrong, I would love to have these boots as well as the rest of the line of electric winter gear from Columbia, I'm just not sure if I could justify the cost.  A $1600 winter set?  That's a mortgage payment.  Actually maybe that sounds worth it then.  I'll ask you the reader if its in your budget, but unless I receive them as a gift, I probably will not be wearing any of Columbia's Omni-Heat
Would you buy the Columbia Omni-Heat electric boots?  What about the rest of the line of electric winter apparel, is it worth the tech?
Hopefully I can revisit this topic with a follow-up post when somebody sends me one of these pieces of tech apparel...