Google Glass is coming

Google Glass is a head-mounted computer with a mini display attached to it. The system is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project.  With it, you can interact with pictures, videos, SMS text messages, and much more.  Companion apps are also available for your Android or iOS smartphone.  Currently, the product is only available by invitation.

Recently, somebody offered up an invite to join the Google Glass Explorer Program.  I was excited to jump on the opportunity. Within 5 days of this person submitting my gmail account name to Google, they had responded with a token that I could use to purchase the device.  

Its not cheap, the set runs ~$1500. Of the 5 color options, only three were available (Red, Blue, Charcoal).  You could also select sunshade options and earbuds in the checkout process.

 To my surprise, my new set of glasses was expedited and shipped within a day.  I can't wait to be that weird guy walking around blinking oddly and talking to himself all while consuming and sharing information.

 I'll update this post with a link to the review after I run it through its paces over this holiday season.

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