Tales of buyers remorse and consumer advocacy

Ever buy a product, let it sit a few days or weeks, and then when its time to use it you say to yourself, why did I buy this thing?  That has happened with us quite a bit recently so we thought we would blog about it. Welcome.

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Whats new?

Ok, you may have seen our review for the Columbia Coretek WP Hiking Boots, but what about those Omni-Heat electric boots??  I must say, paying $350 to $450 dollars gets me pretty warm just thinking about it, do we really need a USB charged battery pack for a few extra degrees?

The Acer Aspire One netbook has been the best solution for me for so many different reasons.

When I first purchased the netbook it was to aid in my upcoming online courses I had enrolled in. Being a new mother I wanted something that was portable and convenient. The Aspire One is certainly both. At first I was hesitant due to this being smaller than a conventional laptop. However, it was quickly apparent that, that was exactly what I needed.