Tales of buyers remorse and consumer advocacy

Ever buy a product, let it sit a few days or weeks, and then when its time to use it you say to yourself, why did I buy this thing?  That has happened with us quite a bit recently so we thought we would blog about it. Welcome.

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Whats new?

Wow. Just...wow.  If you have a child who enjoys playing with Imaginext figures, you should seriously consider investing in the Supernova Battle Rover.  While a little pricey, this vehicle really delivers.

Lytro is a California-based technology company claiming to produce the worlds first Light Field Camera.  

The first run of Lytro handheld light field cameras come in 8GB/16GB models and Red, Blue, or Graphite colors. Read on to find out how they fair for the average consumer.

Google Glass is a head-mounted computer with a mini display attached to it. The system is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project.  With it, you can interact with pictures, videos, SMS text messages, and much more.  Companion apps are also available for your Android or iOS smartphone.  Currently, the product is only available by invitation.